What is the ICO Sticker Price?

What is the ICO Sticker Price?

What is the ICO Sticker Price?

ICO What is ? ICO refers to the pre-sale transaction you will perform for the project you own. We announce your project to the public with a pre-sale and expect the public to receive coins or tokens from this project. At this point, we need to have software that will perform the ICO process.

Issuing an ICO We write software according to your wishes and expectations for our company.

Contact us to get a more detailed quote hello You can contact us via the @cryptosoftware.ist e-mail address.

ICO The software required for issuing prices vary according to your wishes and expectations. At this point, in line with the connections you will establish with us, we would like to deliver the most suitable software for you and your project at a price to be determined in line with the agreement.

After purchasing

ICO , we can also provide you with technical service support in line with the agreements determined. At this point, we can perform this service by putting it into the agreement.

What Exactly Does the ICO Do?

ICO process When a company is going to perform its initial public offering on the TR stock market or many European American and Chinese stock exchanges, the shares are given to the public in line with these shares. It is said to the process of collecting money at a determined price.


We can interpret this in the world of crypto money as follows, we would like to open the token or tokens created by a project you have to the public with a pre-sale. They make transfers in line with coins such as ETH or USDT. The most recent example of this has been the pre-sale of Fenerbahçe Token through Paribu. Fenerbahce, which collected the demands with the pre-sale, provided income from here.

ICO performs this transfer over the networks you specify. By specifying one of the most suitable networks for your project, we can perform the transfer operations over the network you have determined in the fastest and most reliable way. Networks used include BEP2 , BEP20 , ERC20 , TRC20 networks. Here you can read the general features of networks and what operations they perform better in our detailed article.

If you want to pre-sell on your current project, we can recommend our ICO software. You can contact us with the e-mail address we left above and we can design the most suitable ICO software for you.

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