I Want to Launch an ICO

I Want to Launch an ICO

I Want to Launch an ICO

ICO The first from English to our language translated as a coin offering. So the first offer of this word is ” public offering ” or 'request picking' we can mean. For your project, which aims to enter the Crypto World, the process of collecting demand for Bitcoin or other coins is called ICO . If you say I Want to Issue an ICO and you want to learn the details of these transactions.

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How Exactly Is The ICO Process?


ICO , we must have an existing and developable project. This project publishes its white paper after passing certain audits. After getting approval and gathering its audience, your project is ready to go public.

The public offering is intended for the public to buy your tokens or tokens. The ICO transaction includes this public offering and the previous transaction, the pre-sale.

ICO process is involved in the sale of tokens that you will release in small quantities and in a certain number before the public offering. So you have 1000 tokens or coins in your hand. Let your project have a beautiful white paper that has passed all stages and will convince its investor. After that, when you want to offer your 100 tokens or tokens to the public with a pre-sale, ICO comes into play. The ICO will perform all the remaining stages automatically, thanks to the software we have written.

ICO for you, we can present these 100 coins or tokens to the investor as BTC, ETH, USDT or any crypto currency you want. and transfers the collected amount to your wallet. As a result of this transaction, you will dispose of 10% of the tokens or coins you have through pre-sale.

Certain networks are used for these sales. At this point, you can pre-sell with any of the BEP2 , BEP20 , ERC20 , TRC20 networks.

Do you want to Issue an ICO ?

If you are thinking of issuing an ICO for your own project, you should definitely contact us and discuss the details. If you want to learn more about the ICO, you should definitely take a look at this article. We believe that it will inform you a lot about ICO and the networks used. You can access the article Here. p>

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